Centre for Sustainable Lifemodes is located in the coastal village Slettestrand in the bay of Jammerbugt. It is hosted by Han Herred Havbaade, a coastal cultural heritage organization focused on small-scale coastal fishing in Skagerrak and the North Sea and historical maritime trade from the west and north coasts of Jutland. Han Herred Havbaade also consists of a modern boat building yard, where boat builders repair wooden coastal fishing boats in Jammerbugt and develop and construct new wooden fishing vessels with the latest technologies for sustainable fishing for coastal fishermen.
 Focus areas

Focus areas

• The development of coastal fishing with sustainable, low impact fishing gear
• The preservation of reefs and ecosystems from heavy bottom fishing gear in Skagerrak
• Wooden boat building for small-scale fishing
• New organisational structures in small-scale fishing and farming
  o Cooperative structures and movements in fishing and farming
• Historical ships preservation
• Life-mode analyses
• Studies on the development of fisheries in Scandinavia and Europe
• European and Danish fishery policies
• Historical maritime trade between Denmark and Norway
  o The reconstruction of a model of a vessel type from the 1600s
  o Archival studies and analyses

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Albert Jacobs
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Tonya Garcia
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Linda Guthrie
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