This is a project for the Danish Ships Preservation Trust with the goal of developing a new method for evaluating ship authenticity and preservation worthiness in the Danish fishing fleet, cargo fleet and service fleet. The outcome is a Copenhagen Charter on Vessel Preservation Declaration. The project staff develops an analysis- and synthesis structure, which introduces the concept of a three-dimensional preservation worthiness based on a dialectic authenticity conception. The idea is to also be able to apply this in the classification and certification of other areas such as cultural heritage buildings and culturally valuable objects.


Project staff

Thomas Højrup, ethnologist, Centre for Sustainable Lifemodes

Peter Madsbøll, boatbuilder, Han Herred Havbaade

Tom Rasmussen, ships consultant, The Danish Ships Preservation Trust

John Valsted, ships consultant, The Danish Ships Preservation Trust

Peter Henningsen, ethnologist, National Museum of Denmark